$17 Million Profit for Cosmetic Surgeon After Selling Beachfront Mansion for Record Price

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Alistair and Kate Champion recently sold their Rose Bay property for a remarkable $ 17 million profit in May 2020. They did this lucrative deal without drawing too much attention, proving that some risks can pay off!

In 2019, the couple purchased Susan Rothwell’s newly renovated beachfront residence for $ 18 million. They had an impressive profit when they sold it off in 2021 for an astounding price tag of $35 million.

After Susan Feller’s passing, the 45-year-old co-founder of Laser Clinics Australia took possession of this property. Most recently, it has been sold to Viet Dung Tran from Melbourne’s Springvale.

Undeniably, last year’s 12th most lucrative sale was conducted without speculations. This suggests that Champion (previously listed on AFR’s Young Rich List until he turned forty) may have closed this deal alone – no help from a broker required.

“It’s no shocker that Alistair and Kate are great at making calculated gambles,” said one of their acquaintances. “They understand that it is necessary to market this property with discretion and caution, as it could draw unwanted attention from tax authorities.”

With a panoramic view of the shoreline on Collins Avenue in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, this boutique triplex is undoubtedly an ideal destination to reside in.

This living and dining area provides ample room to relax and entertain, opening onto a grand terrace with plenty of surrounding greenery for ultimate seclusion. The curved staircase is the perfect showcase feature as it gently ascends and descends between levels, leading to a contemporary kitchen filled with state-of-the-art appliances.

In 1989, the Feller family acquired the property for an impressive $4.15 million – and ever since it has had a variety of owners.

Drawing from the McGrath banker family as their inspiration, Michael Suttor was commissioned to redesign and tailor it for their specific requirements.

In 2014, Susan Rothwell gave the abode a makeover before Champion sold it covertly. Michael Pallier of Sotheby’s kept mum about the transaction until others stumbled upon it for themselves. Champion and his wife Kate live joyfully in their opulent Ilicus mansion in Woollahra. Alistair and Kate Champion have proved themselves to be savvy real estate investors with great foresight.

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