$672,805 MN Have Been Granted to Indian-Origin Community Helpers in Australia

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The Indian-origin community helpers in Australia have recently won a grant of $672,805 mn. The grant will be used to create sustainable and innovative solutions to address community issues.

Amar Singh and Rishi Verma, based in New South Wales, have won the Tomorrow Maker program grant from the Sydney-based AMP Foundation.

Nicola Stokes, General Manager of AMP Foundation, said, “Current economic conditions are impacting everyone but are disproportionately impacting our First Nation people and disadvantaged communities across Australia. We know that climate change and environmental issues threaten our existence. The global pandemic has highlighted the fault lines in our society — all massive issues.” 

Amar Singh, the 41-year-old founder and president of Turbans 4 Australia, has been awarded for community service and promoting multiculturalism and religious tolerance. Singh is excited about the grant and what it will allow him to do for the local community.

Rishi Verma, the ophthalmologist who has won the grant, is originally from India. Before studying medicine, he was a space engineering intern at NASA and completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Wollongong. He has created an innovative portal ophthalmoscope to help solve diabetic retinopathy. The device will make it easier for people with diabetes to get the necessary treatment.

The grant will help them create innovative solutions to community issues. Singh and Verma are both highly experienced in their respective fields of work. They are keen to use their skills to benefit the local community in which they live. 

“I am pleased to let you know that our 2022 Tomorrow Makers are not afraid of taking up challenges or tackling what is dubbed a wicked problem’, those social issues thought too difficult and complex to solve,” said Nicola Stokes.

The AMP Foundation is a philanthropic organisation that invests in organisations and individuals who are working to create positive change. The Tomorrow Maker program is one of its initiatives, which provides grants to social entrepreneurs who are working to address community issues.

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