a.k.a Brands Holding Corp. Sees Decrease in Short Interest of 21.4%

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Substantial decreases in short interest were observed for a.k.a Brands Holding Corp (NYSE: AKA) during December.

On December 15th, the number of shares sold short reached 531,200 – a decrease of 21.4% from November 30th’s 676,000 figure. Currently, 3.9% of this organization’s stock is being traded with a short-interest ratio standing at 6.3 days based on an average daily trading volume of 84,400 shares.

Reports from esteemed research analysts have recently been released concerning a.k.a. In particular; Credit Suisse Group drastically reduced the expected cost of a.k.a Brands shares to only $3.50 in their November 16th report! This great dip could represent an incredible opportunity for savvy investors looking to get in on this promising stock before it takes off again soon!

On Wednesday, November 16th, Truist Financial decreased the price target of a.k.a Brands shares to $4.00 per share in their newest report. Out of 8 analysts giving ratings for this stock, 5 gave it a Hold rating and 3 issued Buy ratings- making its overall average rating “Hold” with an average price target set at $ 4.61 according to MarketBeat data analysis.

“We remain bullish on a.k.a Brands and continue to believe that the company will be successful in its endeavours,” said an analyst from Credit Suisse Group in his recent report. “We strongly suggest investors take advantage of this significantly reduced price point before it is too late!”

Institutional investors like Summit Partners LP and Must Asset Management Inc. recently upped their investments in a.k.a Brands by 2.7% and 99.2%, respectively, at the end of the third quarter – with Summit now owning 69,656,120 shares valued at $101,001,000 after they purchased 1,814.

This news could encourage investors to follow a.k.a Brands Holding Corp., as investor sentiment increases and more big money players notice this promising stock.

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