A Senior Australian Official Is Urging China To Remove All Trade Barriers To Help Both Countries Improve Relations

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At a meeting with his Chinese counterpart at the World Economic Forum, Australia’s Assistant Minister for Trade Tim Ayres strongly urged China to eliminate its “trade obstructions” on Australian exports.

During their meeting, Australian and Chinese officials agreed to set up virtual talks between the two countries’ trade ministers in the next few days.

As of yet, there is no date for the virtual meeting between Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao and Australian minister Don Farrell.

Assistant Minister Ayres raised the importance of cooperation to deliver the outcomes of the World Trade Organization 12th Ministerial Conference and the removal of current trade impediments affecting Australian exports to China in both countries’ interests,” a spokeswoman for Ayres said.

After a long three-year wait, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and President Xi Jinping of the two countries recently met at the G20 summit last November, marking an improvement in their historically strained ties. On Thursday, Australia’s Foreign Minister, Penny Wong, declared that furthering these relations will be gradual.

In 2020, China imposed unofficial restrictions on Australian goods from coal to wine, a response to Australia’s proposal of an inquiry into the source of COVID-19 and its prohibition on 5G networks for Huawei. Fortunately, in January 2021, several Chinese companies were given the authorisation to renew their purchases of Australian coal.

Australia’s capital Canberra is actively monitoring Beijing to determine if China will lift the unwelcome trade obstructions on Australian exports such as lobsters and lodging two complaints at the World Trade Organisation against Chinese tariffs imposed upon local wine and barley.

We’ve got a long way to go; we have yet to receive official notification that some trade bans have been dropped. If we’re starting to see the renewal of that kind of dialogue, then that’s a good thing for our producers,” Australia’s Agriculture Minister Murray Watt said

Australia’s Agriculture Minister Murray Watt revealed that there are whispers of Chinese buyers attempting to make acquisitions; however, nothing is confirmed.

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