A Strategic Partnership Has Been Formed Between Albacore Capital Group and First Sentier Investors

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AlbaCore Capital Group, a leading European credit specialist, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with First Sentier Investors (FSI), a global investment management group.

AlbaCore and FSI to offer debt solutions to E-Businesses

Through this strategic partnership, AlbaCore and FSI can offer clients a comprehensive suite of debt solutions that combine the best of both companies’ experiences. AlbaCore brings deep expertise in credit markets, emphasising delivering alpha consistently.

FSI, on the other hand, offers broad distribution strength and access to capital resources that can further expand AlbaCore’s reach across Europe.

The partnership between these two firms also promises to create more robust investment opportunities for clients. Through their shared knowledge and experience in credit markets, they can offer clients diversified portfolios tailored to individual needs and objectives.

They can develop custom strategies that incorporate active management, enabling them to find innovative ways to capitalise on opportunities for growth within the European market.

David Allen, Managing Partner, and Chief Investment Officer at AlbaCore, said, “This partnership enhances AlbaCore’s growth prospects by extending market access to our expertise and deepening our product offering. When we started to engage with FSI, it was clear there was a strong cultural alignment between both businesses, which was very important to us and will be critical to our shared future success.”

FSI Announces Strategic Partnership with AlbaCore

The partnership between AlbaCore Capital Group and First Sentier Investors (FSI) is set to become even more vital as FSI acquires a majority stake in AlbaCore. This move will see FSI leverage its market access and capital resources to expand the reach of AlbaCore across Europe further.

At the same time, the senior team at AlbaCore will retain a significant shareholding in the business and remain invested in it for the long term. This allows them to continue providing high-quality debt solutions to their clients while benefiting from FSI’s expertise in investment management.

This strategic partnership brings together two firms committed to delivering superior investment returns for their clients for years. This combination of experience and knowledge is expected to result in better risk-adjusted returns and more robust investment opportunities for clients of both companies.

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