AAC Wants Aluminum to Be Recognised as a Critical Mineral

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The Australian Aluminium Council (AAC) pleads with the Federal Government to consider adding alumina, aluminium, and bauxite to the nation’s critical mineral list.

“Aluminium is, and will continue to be, one of the most widely used commodities in the global clean energy transition,” the AAC’s incoming president Mike Ferraro said.

AAC Aluminum

Australia is in the process of promoting global energy. In line with the sustainable transition, aluminium has a massive part in manufacturing the commodities needed to attain the eco-friendly goal. For instance, 85% of solar panels come from aluminium. It is also used in the automotive and transport industry to improve fuel and carbon efficiency.

“In addition to contributing to a decarbonised economy through our products, the aluminium industry is investing in the transition to net-zero through the development of new technologies to decarbonise our processes,” Ferraro said.

Additionally, the second mineral, alumina, is deemed to be significant in the electronics industry along with silica. 

Despite knowing that the said commodities are still in healthy supply, AAC would like to remind them of their proper usage as they are vital in the country’s decarbonisation efforts.

“The scale of the investment required to decarbonise is substantial and will require input from various stakeholders, including the government.

Decarbonising Australia’s electricity supply is the biggest opportunity to support the transition in the next decade.”

However, the three recently proposed commodities still need to be added to the country’s list, even though bauxite and aluminium are recognised as significant minerals in Canada, the US, and Europe.

The ACC claims that the move is primarily designed to raise aluminium in policy talks. The $2 billion Critical Minerals Facility is one of the federal support funds offered to Australian resource industries listed on the list.

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