Abusive Retail Customers Will Face Heavier Penalties – NSW Government

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The New South Wales Parliament passed a new bill to further protect retail workers against abusive behaviours customers exhibit.

According to the National Retail Association (NRA), it is working closely with the NSW government in introducing the Assaults on Retail Workers Bill, where more stringent penalties will better protect the nation’s workers from customer abuse.

The bill will be part of the Crimes Legislation Amendment that will address the growing number of customer abuse retail workers experience. The amendment will impose four-year imprisonment for anyone who would assault, harass, intimidate or stalk a retail worker, even if no bodily harm is caused.

The bill will also impose a six-year imprisonment if the individual assaults a worker within the worker’s working hours and causes actual bodily harm and 11 years imprisonment if the individual causes grievous physical harm to a worker.

Greg Griffith, chief executive of the NRA, noted, “While we understand that the majority of customers are in stores to shop and are well-behaved, we need to support our workforce. We need to address the behaviour of aggressive individuals and demonstrate there are consequences for their actions. We need to send a clear message that ‘they are not welcome here.”

The bill may also help migrant workers feel more at ease and have better working conditions, as many workers feel unsafe. 

Migrant Workers Centre CEO Matt Kunkel noted, “We need to urgently reform our system to create a fairer job market for everyone. This can be done by improving job safety and security for migrant workers.”The new bill will help protect retail workers and allow businesses to stay afloat. Recently, there has been a shortage of workers in the country, which has increasingly become a burden for businesses. If workers feel safer, companies could retain talent and not lose them to abusive customers.

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