Powering Progress: Exciting Public Hearings to Boost Advanced Manufacturing

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In a bid to foster innovation and strengthen the manufacturing sector, the Advanced Manufacturing Inquiry conducted public hearings to examine the health, robotics, and space sectors.

The inquiry, initiated by the House Standing Committee on Industry, Science, and Resources, aims to explore opportunities and challenges in the field of advanced manufacturing in Australia. The inquiry panel, composed of industry experts, policymakers, and academic representatives, will invite stakeholders and individuals from various manufacturing industry segments to present their insights, research findings, and suggestions.

According to the committee chair, Rob Mitchell MP, “The growth of advanced manufacturing is vital to our future industry, and any changes we recommend must be informed by industry.”

This initiative is crucial when global competition in advanced manufacturing intensifies. Australia seeks to maintain and enhance its competitiveness by embracing new technologies and practices to drive productivity and efficiency in the manufacturing sector.

The key topics to be discussed during the public hearings are integrating cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, automation, and additive manufacturing and their impact on the traditional manufacturing landscape. The inquiry will also delve into the role of the government in supporting research and development, promoting workforce skills development, and creating an enabling environment for innovation.

The country’s push to create and improve different sectors is at full speed. Running parallel to this effort is the Modern Manufacturing Expo scheduled in September. The event will showcase innovative robotics technologies that revolutionise production processes, optimise efficiency, and elevate precision.

CEO of International Exhibition & Conference Group Marie Kinsella added, “Robotics represents the peak of new technologies and is hugely valued by manufacturers for its ability to incorporate both automation and Artificial Intelligence.”The industry has also delved into digital transformation. In the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape, embracing digital transformation is key to driving success despite challenges. Many in the industry recognise that embracing digital transformation is not just a choice but a necessity for manufacturers aiming to thrive in the face of industry challenges.

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