Alliance Aviation Has Confirmed the Australian Regulator’s Further Postponement of the Review for the Qantas Deal

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has postponed its review of the proposed acquisition of Alliance Aviation Services Ltd by Qantas Airways Ltd, pushing it back to 20 April. 

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has already pushed back the carrier’s A$610.8 million ($409.97 million) takeover bid of Alliance Aviation for the fourth time, demonstrating their commitment to evaluating carefully before allowing any mergers or acquisitions to take place in the industry.

Last May, Qantas declared its intention to acquire 80 per cent of Alliance Aviation in an all-stock transaction. It will expand the company’s presence within the charter market and bring both businesses a new level of success.

The ACCC must take extra time to acquire and analyse further information from Qantas and Alliance in light of their recent announcements regarding the wet-lease agreement they have, as well as fleet expansions being made by Alliance,” an ACCC spokesperson said.

Qantas has just announced a groundbreaking agreement providing up to 12 additional Embraer E190 aircraft from Alliance Aviation Services’ subsidiary, Alliance Airlines. This outstanding opportunity will positively impact both businesses shortly.

Last month, Alliance Aviation proudly announced that they had signed a long-term commitment to acquire thirty additional Embraer E190 jets. 

Scheduled for delivery in January 2026, these aircraft will provide operators with reliable transportation and efficient operations. It is an exciting milestone for the company as it continues its dedication to providing dependable aviation services worldwide.

Qantas, who was unhappy with the ACCC’s earlier postponement of their decision, remains steadfast in its stance on the matter. In an emailed statement, they confirmed that their position had stayed the same.

At the opening of trading, shares in the Australian airline plummeted 3.1 per cent compared to a more subdued 0.6 per cent dip across the more comprehensive market index.

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