AMDA Asia-Pacific Innovation Awards Now Open

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The 2023 Innovation Awards, sponsored by the AMDA Foundation Limited (AMDA), is now open and is presenting a $100,000 cash prize to winners, focusing on Australian maritime innovation.

AMDA will present awards in three categories open to Australian companies and Australian subsidies of overseas parent companies. Maritime innovation could be a new product or service or even a new approach to business. Entries will be judged based on originality and understanding of user needs.

The Innovation Awards will be part of the upcoming Indo-Pacific International Maritime Exposition in November, a joint effort by the Royal Australian Navy and AMDA. The exposition will allow Australia to engage with the international industry and continue the previous year’s successful exhibit.

Vice Admiral Michael Noonan, AO, RAN, said, “Indo Pacific 2022 was amazing. It allowed us to reconnect after two years of the pandemic and not being face-to-face. The event succeeded on all levels. We were able to connect, we were able to network, we were able to think, and we were able to exchange ideas. Indo-Pacific 2023 will provide another vibrant opportunity.”

The awards that will be presented in the exposition are the following:

  • Indo Pacific 2023 National Innovation Award
  • Indo Pacific 2023 SME Innovation Award, including a $50,000 cash award
  • Indo Pacific 2023 Young Innovator Award, including a $50,000 cash award

Justin Giddings, CEO of AMDA, noted that the $50,000 cash award was increased from the previous year’s $15,000 and that “A sum like $50,000 can make a significant impact on an SME’s operations or the professional development of a young innovator.”

Like AMDA, many organisations are helping SMEs develop and improve. These organisations also foster continuous development by awarding SMEs excellence in their fields.

SME Blue Mountain Picnics recently won the 25th Australian Small Business Champion Awards tourism award. The company demonstrated their excellence in creating unforgettable client experiences.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has developed the Sustainability Action Tool to help SMEs reach their sustainability targets at a fraction of the price. Indeed, the Australian SME landscape is bound for success in the following years.

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