An Ode to the Great Investor: Farewell David Hains

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David Hains, an iconic Australian industrialist and founder of one of Australia’s first prosperous hedge funds, sadly passed away last January 22.

David Hains’ – Australian Industrialist

Hains’ career had humble beginnings selling white goods, and he went on to develop a global manufacturing portfolio. But Hains told me he was tired of the stresses of the business and took a year off to become a professional golfer – a passion he maintained to the last – before moving into investments.

Even as he nears his 91st birthday, David Hains is still devoted to going into the office every day —assuming pandemic-related restrictions permit.

Although his sons have taken over the reins of running Portland House Group (PHG), David remains captivated by and actively participates in markets globally.

Through his inquisitive nature, hard work and self-awareness, the billionaire launched a long, successful business journey in 1956 with support from ANZ. These qualities have been essential to him throughout every stage of his career.

“Hains was always intrigued by global business dealings, and this interest grew significantly after he travelled to the United Kingdom in 1958. It was during that trip that he realised just how expansive international markets are compared to Australia’s economy,” said Andrew Cornell – Managing Editor, BlueNotes

“Although I’m no longer as dedicated to the core operations of my business, I still have a small research team that keeps me occupied and enthusiastic about what we do,” Hains said in a recent interview. “Our need to recognize patterns and draw conclusions is essential for me, not just in terms of the business but also to keep my mind sharp as I age.”

Long-term AFR Rich Lister, David Hains, has come a long way since his estimated $A70 million in 1983. This year marks an incredible journey for him and his family, with their wealth now valued at approximately $A2.89 billion!

His career began in retailing before he branched out into manufacturing and golf, eventually founding PHG as a legendary investment house internationally reputed across Australia, New York & London.

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