Antler Australia Backs ThirdRoc’s Revolutionary Credit Risk Platform for Emerging Markets

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Early-stage investment firm Antler Australia continues its mission to support local tech startups, with ThirdRoc being the latest addition to its portfolio. 

ThirdRoc, a pre-seed startup founded by Shivnil Maharaj and Ritesh Nain, is transforming credit risk assessment in emerging markets using an AI-powered SaaS platform.

The platform empowers lenders in these markets to conduct precise credit risk analysis on potential borrowers, leveraging machine learning models and a wide range of datasets to predict repayment capabilities and default characteristics. This innovative approach has impressed Antler, which sees strong geographic expansion opportunities in Asia and Africa.

ThirdRoc’s platform streamlines the loan application process for lenders with efficient document collection, seamless integration with existing systems, and real-time access to loan applications. Conversely, Borrowers benefit from flexible payment options tailored to their financial situations and mobile-ready payment methods.

“Thirdroc has developed a novel approach to facilitate consumer lending and Earned Wage Access in emerging markets and they’ve proven their execution ability with lenders, merchants, and employee partners. The model is attractive in its SaaS platform plus transaction fees pricing method, customer acquisition at scale, and zero credit risk approach” said Antler Partner, Cath Rogers 

A unique aspect of ThirdRoc’s strategy is partnering with enterprises. It offers employees both Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) credit limits at partner merchants and Earned Wage Access (EWA) to their earned but yet-to-be-processed wages. Repayments are seamlessly deducted from future payrolls, reducing friction for borrowers and providing financial wellness opportunities for employees.

Within four months of launch, ThirdRoc has made impressive strides, signing over 1,500 customers and partnering with major enterprises and lenders, such as Wormald Fiji and Merchant Finance Fiji. The company plans to expand further into the Indian market after establishing a strong presence in Fiji.

With Antler’s Pre-Seed investment, ThirdRoc is focused on customer acquisition, onboarding major merchants in Fiji, and developing new features to enhance the platform’s capabilities for global expansion. The founders are committed to building the world’s most comprehensive B2B2C funds flow platform, targeting lenders, merchants, small businesses, and employers, and aiming to reduce bad debts, improve staff retention, and enhance financial wellness for individuals in emerging markets.

ThirdRoc’s mission is underpinned by its innovative approach of connecting machine learning models to legacy credit decisioning, delivering immediate benefits to lenders and employers. Antler’s support has provided structure and guidance to the startup, paving the way for a promising future in the fintech space.

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