ANZAC Day: Combining Tradition and Innovation to Pay Tribute to Australia’s War Heroes

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As ANZAC Day was observed throughout Australia to remember the sacrifices made by the ANZAC during WWI, it’s also an opportunity to consider how war has contributed to technological progress.

In Australia and New Zealand, ANZAC Day is observed on April 25th to pay tribute to the bravery and sacrifices of soldiers who served and lost their lives in various wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping missions. In 2023, the day will also acknowledge the past while embracing technology to move forward.

While Australia commemorates the ANZACs and their legacy, the technology sector is moving forward with innovative solutions that honour the past and embrace the future.

ANZAC Day is a significant part of Australian culture, with sombre dawn services, marches, and commemoration events held nationwide. VR/AR technology has been used to create immersive experiences that depict the stories of ANZACs, which is a significant recent change. Museums and historical institutions have created VR/AR exhibits using advanced technology. These exhibits enable visitors to travel back in time and witness the hardships of war.

As Australia observes ANZAC Day, a day meant to pay tribute to the bravery of its military personnel, it is essential to consider how wars throughout history have driven significant technological progress.

“We should remember the past and learn from it, but also look to the future with innovation,” said a representative of the Australian War Memorial.

“The ANZACs sacrificed their lives in the hope of a better future, which is why embracing technology and combining traditional values with fresh ideas is important. We owe it to them.”

During the war, countries often feel compelled to create new and advanced technologies to gain an edge in combat. Companies use technologies like AI, ML, and telehealth to support and care for veterans with mental health and well-being challenges.

Technology is used in various ways to preserve history, enhance commemorative experiences, and address current challenges. This includes virtual reality exhibitions, live-streaming services, digital archives, and initiatives supporting veterans.


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