As More And More Startups Fold Amid The Current Tech Slump, Linktree Stands Out As A Beacon Of Hope For The Industry

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The co-founder of the ever-popular, billion-dollar link-in-bio platform Linktree expressed how taken aback he was by how quickly and negatively investors have impacted the technology industry. However, his firm is well-equipped to remain steady during this tumultuous time.

The Melbourne-based unicorn’, which grants its users the ability to construct simple websites that usually act as a collection of links leading to celebrities and influencers’ social media profiles, reached an outstanding market value of $US1.3 billion ($1.8 billion) after it had successfully raised $US110 million from investors in March this year.

Since then, tech valuations have drastically declined due to fears of rising inflation and interest rates. Not only publicly listed stocks such as Netflix and Spotify but privately held startups like Canva were harshly hit by investors who pulled out; these companies lost more than half their value.

Linktree co-founder Alex Zaccaria said, “This event happened more quickly and forcefully than we anticipated. Fortunately, our recent capital raise has given us a long enough runway to navigate this storm safely.”

Linktree generates revenue by offering exclusive features such as email collection and data analysis tools between $5 to $24 per month, which are unavailable on its free version.

With interest rates and inflation rising, tech investors are pushing firms to demonstrate they can become profitable. To ensure Linktree is successful in this endeavour, it must expand its paying subscriber base swiftly.

This year, Linktree founders made it to Australia’s Young Rich List; their success was applauded by industry peers, who now look to them for guidance on coping with the current challenging market conditions.

To stay on top during these turbulent times, Linktree is determined to outshine its competition in the race for subscribers. It’s also looking for ways to expand its product offering with related software and services such as Linktree Analytics.

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