Market Update and this week’s ASX Trading Shares – 4 April 2023

Gary Glover's weekly market insights

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Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall
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Which ASX companies are you buying right now?

Some very constructive signs with major US indices over the last few weeks. 

Interviewing Gary Glover from Novus Capital he says to confirm the market rally it “just needs to see a bit more follow through and some strong volumes come into the market to cement this bullish move so far. This looks like a textbook breakout so far and with so many bearish investors on the sidelines, they will be scrambling to either unwind their short positions which are hurting them or their FOMO of sitting in too much cash and missing out on this rally is also likely to kick in.” 

Glover explains “I would be more concerned about this rally if everyone had suddenly turned bullish here, so on that basis it could surprise a lot of people as so many are under invested currently.”

Each week on Finer Market Points I interview Gary Glover about his outlook on the markets and the shares that he’s trading this week.


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