ASX Top 6 Lithium Stocks +46%, 4 May 2023

Strongest Quarterly Momentum ASX Stocks

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Christopher Hall
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The best performing Lithium companies over the last month

The ASX has dozens of Lithium companies, with the strongest gaining +46.20% over the last month.

Often the strongest performers provide the best trading opportunities. By keeping an eye on this list, investors can find the strongest trends in the market.

All market-leading shares rise as part of a group, within an industry. As with every market cycle, there is always a leading and dominant theme that produces the most lucrative trading opportunities.

The companies listed below are the Top 6ASX listed Lithium companies that have shown the greatest returns over the last month, and may be the next market leaders or most explosive trading opportunities.

CompanyCodeMonth Return (%)
Charger MetalsCHR42.20
Future BatteryFBM38.83
European Lithium LtdEUR30.17
Tyranna Res LtdTYX27.44
Critical ResourcesCRR25.13
Top 6 Lithium Stocks on the ASX

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