ASX Weekly Market Pulse – Leading Market Themes: 5 April 2023

Strongest Quarterly Momentum ASX Stocks

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Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall
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Which Industires and Themes are the strongest on the ASX right now?

Here are the Top 6 ASX Themes ranked by quarterly Momentum.

To have a monster stock that outperforms everything else, that company must be in a leading theme. History shows that the fastest growing companies are the leaders of their market-dominating-themes.

Whenever BHP is roaring, so too are other mining companies. If energy producers are rising, chances are oil and gas prices are soaring. If Commonwealth Bank has a bumper profit, ANZ, NAB and WBC probably will too.

This is because investors are buying up the leading market industries because the prevailing market conditions favour their businesses more than others. History shows that the best trades come from the leading market themes, with strong Sister Companies – to borrow a phrase from legendary trader Jesse Livermore from more than 100 years ago.

Finer Market Points ranks the ASX’s theme for their quarterly momentum. Note, trading clients receive this report on Wednesday and published publicly on Sundays.

Gold Miners ETF 1
Gold Producers2
UK Exposure3
Large-Cap Miners4
ASX Top 6 Momentum Themes

Monitoring the ASX Top 10 Momentum shares keeps scanning the market for the next market leaders and trading opportunities. When there is a true market leader, that company will show in this leading list for multiple consecutive days and weeks.

To find the strongest trends in the market, this list will have consecutive days that report a number of companies from the same sector or industry. That is when there is a leading theme which can often happy with Lithium shares, Uranium stocks through to Construction Companies.

As with every market cycle, there is always a leading and dominant theme that produces the most lucrative trading opportunities. All leading themes start with strong momentum companies, maybe there’s the next market leader in today’s ASX Top 10 Momentum Shares listed above.


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