AU Companies Lagging Behind in Sustainability Efforts, Data Infrastructure Carbon Footprint the Culprit

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Australians are beginning to take climate change seriously, and many are finding ways to pitch in. However, companies must catch up in their efforts due to challenges such as the lack of opportunities.

A recent report published by a California-based IT service management company Hitachi Vantara discovered that many Australian businesses prioritise sustainability and plan for carbon neutrality.

The report noted that 62% of Australian businesses have the same sentiment. However, it is far from the 72% average percentage of global enterprise sentiment. The report noted that 68% of these Australian businesses have begun planning to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

According to Nathan Knight, vice president and managing director of Hitachi Vantara Australia and New Zealand, “to get to net-zero goals as set out by Federal and state governments, this global survey suggests that Australian businesses are in catch-up mode compared to their global peers in their sustainability efforts.”

He also noted that many executive members of various companies needed to be made aware that sustainability efforts extend to data infrastructure and that older data centres contribute significantly to carbon emissions. Knight added, “Data centres consume large amounts of electricity and account for 4% of the total greenhouse emissions worldwide.”

The director added that Australian companies must look into modernising their data centres as four in 10 firms require third-party help to achieve decarbonisation. Knight said that companies must look further into developing their IT estate, both on and off premises.

Others make more proactive efforts to achieve their goals. Recently, the Kelsian Group hired its very own sustainability expert. At the same time, other companies are getting help from third-party providers. 

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia recently launched its Sustainability Action Tool to help SMEs take action towards sustainable efforts. The tool is capable of providing insights into concrete plans and activities. SMEs can take to reduce their impact on the environment and also recommend steps to achieve them.


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