AU Diabetes Problem May Be Solved With Reforms in Retail Sector

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Diabetes is a big challenge for Australians, with around 1.4 million diagnosed with types 1 and 2, but this can change when retailers make changes in their sector.

According to Dr Alan Barclay, the Health and Nutrition Committee Chair for National Retail Association (NRA), “The health and well-being of Australians is influenced by the retail and food service sector.”

Barclay, an accredited dietician, nutritionist and chef with over 30 years of experience, has specialised in health, nutrition and diabetes. He claims that food retailers are the key influencers on how consumers choose their food.

The doctor added that if retailers change their strategies to include healthier food options, the Australian population could become more nutritious and avoid the risk of developing diabetes. Barclay noted, “Retailers must offer better access to foods and drinks that promote healthy diets, and at the same time educate consumers about the health benefits of their products.”

Barclay also mentioned that he and the NRA had begun studies on reforming how the retail sector works, as they determined this is a significant challenge for the industry. Retailers need to find creative ways to meet the health needs of their customers in a convenient yet affordable manner.

The reform in the retail sector would support the changing attitude of consumers now looking for healthier options in the market. Many Australians are embracing well-being and becoming more health conscious, and this has opened up a new and growing consumer segment, one to which the Openway Food Co is contributing significantly.

Many food manufacturers like Openway are continuously developing healthier food options for consumers, and many farmers are adopting integrated pest management (IPM) systems to allow for cheaper pricing of organic products and make them available to more Australians.

These food producers have found ways to drive down costs when they produce healthier food options, precisely what the country needs as it battles inflation and the constant pressure of the rising cost of living.

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