AU Sustainable Mining in the Crosshairs of Gradiant Through Partnerships

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Global solutions provider and developer for advanced water and wastewater treatment, Gradiant recently sought partnerships with the top Australian mining companies. The company’s goal is to improve the productivity and sustainability of the miners.

The water company boasts cutting-edge technologies to make industrial water usage sustainable. Gradiant is a pioneer in providing advanced solutions to reduce, reclaim, and renew water for different industries.

Headquartered in Boston, the company partnered with big mining companies such as SLB, Rio Tinto, and the Australian global mining company. The partnership aims to reduce the carbon and water footprints of the mining industry.

SLB and the Australian global mining company are companies that recover precious metals such as nickel, cobalt, and nickel. These valuable metals are essential for producing many everyday products, such as batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), smartphones and computers.

Recovering these materials is water intensive. And with the demand for EVs increasing due to the consciousness of motorists on their carbon footprint, mining companies are working hard to meet needs. As such, these companies must identify cost-effective and sustainable technologies to meet their targets.

Gradiant’s partnership with Australian mining companies comes at the right time. Prakash Govindan, COO of Gradiant, noted, “Mining is a uniquely complex industrial sector with challenges of remote locations, large volumes of waste, wide fluctuations in water quality, and the high-value end-product that demands relentless design and operations efficiencies.”

Australia is becoming a global leader in supplying materials for manufacturing EVs as many countries now turn to Australia for their supply. According to writer Rhiannon Hoyle, “Mining companies have announced more than $65 billion in pending and completed deals, according to data provider Dealogic. That number is nearly double the $36 billion announced in the same period of 2022.”

Other miners are following suit. Red 5 Limited, an Australian gold producer, is also working towards minimising its water waste by investing in its mines’ state-of-the-art water recycling and treatment facilities. These systems are hoping to reduce water consumption by 30%.

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