Aussie Greeks Strike Gold: Two Greek-Aussie Women Make it to Richest List!

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Two Greek-Aussie women have just struck gold, making it to the list of Australia’s wealthiest and becoming an inspiration for young Aussies everywhere.

The Australian Financial Review’s 2023 Rich Women List showcases Debbie Kepitis and Kayla Itsines – two incredible women of Greek descent hailing from Australia.

At number 49 on the rich list stands Debbie Kepitis, with a hefty net worth of $300 million. She is the daughter of Bob Ingham, a renowned racehorse owner-breeder, and she has proudly carried on his legacy through her business ventures and in racing.

“It’s a great honour to be on the list, thanks largely to my father, who taught me good business practices and instilled in me an appreciation for hard work,” Kepitis has said.

Not too far behind at number 64 stands Kayla Itsines, with a net worth of around $165 million. She is best known for creating the hugely successful fitness app Sweat with Kayla.

Itsines has said she is proud to represent Australians of Greek heritage on this list. “It’s great to show other Aussies and Greeks that success knows no boundaries,” she said.

In 2014, Kayla Itsines and her fiancé Tobi Pearce skyrocketed to fame after their workout e-book Bikini Body Guide was released. Their success led to the launch of SWEAT in 2015, furthering their global reach and appeal.

Continuing their roles at SWEAT, Itsines and Pearce left the company headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia. Unfortunately, when they sold the app to a foreign entity shortly after its initial year of operation, it incurred an $80 million loss.

The Rich Women List by the Australian Financial Review is a platform to recognise and celebrate these female powerhouses of Australia. And this year, two Greek-Aussie women have proven that success comes from hard work and determination – something we can all learn from.


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