Aussie Woman Scores Astonishing $17K Windfall She Had No Idea Was Coming

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Peg is eligible to receive a cash payout, joining the millions of Australians already taking advantage of this opportunity.

Junk Insurance Settlement

An unsuspecting woman from Adelaide has become one of the many recipients of a $17,000 refund through an unanticipated junk insurance settlement. In 2019, the banking royal commission’s finding mandated financial establishments to put aside up to $10 billion for those who had bought worthless policies.

Peg McCann recently discovered she had been paying for a decade’s worth of worthless or unnecessary insurance coverage on her Westpac bank card. Once she heard about it, she only knew this was the case and contacted Claimo. This organization offers assistance to customers in terms of finding refunds and launching investigations.

All I had to do was send off an email and then sit and wait to hear back,” Peg said.

In no time at all, Claimo had expeditiously handled her refund request.

When I got that call, it was like winning the lottery,” she added.

Peg was elated to discover she had a $17,000 refund coming her way and decided to put it towards an unforgettable experience.

I had been planning my first overseas trip just before the pandemic. But when COVID hit, I lost my job as I was working casually. So all my travel savings had to go towards keeping me afloat during that time.” she explained. 

After receiving her refund, Peg eagerly plans a trip to Italy to visit Pompeii. Despite her joy with the refund, Peg was left baffled as to why she had been paying for insurance in the first place.

I called years ago about the insurance I was being charged because it seemed like an awful amount of money. But they told me it was something I needed, and they are the experts, so I just went along with it.” Peg said.

Peg strongly suggested that anyone who thought they could receive a refund should reach out to Claimo immediately.

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