Australia Launches Revolutionary Strategy—Say ‘G’day’ to Quantum of Straya!

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It’s time to take a leap into the future, with Australia leading the way towards a quantum revolution – it’s time to say ‘G’day’ to Quantum of Straya!

The Australian government launched the country’s first National Quantum Strategy on Wednesday. The aim is to strengthen Australia’s position as a global leader in quantum technologies, which is expected to generate 19,400 job opportunities by 2045.

The strategy emphasises five critical areas that pertain to the advancement, funding, and application of quantum technologies. These areas are securing the industry’s supply chain, creating a skilled quantum workforce, aligning standards development with national interests, and promoting an ethical and inclusive ecosystem.

Dr Cathy Foley, the Chief Scientist, stated that Australia has a substantial advantage to benefit from the research conducted in local laboratories over the last 25 years.

“New start-ups are being created, and our entrepreneurial spirit is drawing in major companies,” she said.

“The opportunity is here for us to establish a booming deep-tech industry by having the government invest in a coordinated and long-term manner while also fostering a critical mass of highly skilled quantum specialists trained in Australia.”

“Our country is among the leading few countries pursuing quantum technology, but we must take action immediately since there is significant worldwide interest in the potential of quantum.”

In the early 2000s, Australia excelled in quantum research globally. However, some were concerned that we might lose this edge as we needed a dedicated national initiative to support the growth of local quantum businesses, research, and investment.

The Quantum Strategy has 13 different actions geared towards improving the neglect faced by the quantum industry. These actions include investing via the National Reconstruction Fund, actively monitoring supply chains that impact the industry, and integrating quantum science into educational programs at schools, universities, and TAFEs.

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) CEO, Chris Vein, stated that the organisation was pleased to observe the government’s active involvement in quantum technologies.

“Australia has been a top contender in quantum computing for many years, and we are happy to see that the government is acknowledging this and supporting the local community,” he said.

“ACS is excited about collaborating with Minister Husic and the government to create policies, programs, and paths that will encourage more Australians to pursue fulfilling tech jobs and ensure sufficient skilled individuals.”

So, let’s all toast Quantum of Straya – the new frontier in quantum technology that promises an exciting future for Australia!

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