Australia Must Act Now: People Are Dying At Alarming Rates Across The Country, And No One Knows Why

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Deaths in Australia are on the rise, and officials can’t seem to pinpoint a cause.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released concerning news- to date, 128,797 citizens have died in Australia this year. This is a striking departure from the nation’s standard 1-2% annual fluctuation in mortality rates and historically low national average.

According to the ABS, in August alone, there were 1,926 more deaths than usual — 12.4 per cent above the historical national average for that month. According to reports, approximately one-third of all deaths are unrelated to COVID-19.

Karen Cutter, a spokeswoman for the Actuaries Institute, which reviewed the ABS’ data, called it an “incredibly high number for mortality.” She went on to say that it was “not clear” what was causing the alarming rise in deaths. The institute is urging the nation to look into what might be causing the recent increase.

“I can’t think of anything similar (to this) off the top of my head, but I haven’t gone back and checked,” she said. “They say that the flu season of 2017 was horrible, and 1% more people died than usual during that time.”

“This is WAYYY out of the ordinary,” she said. “We don’t know what is happening here, but it needs to be investigated and understood.”

As of this writing, the ABS has not yet released any specific information about the cause of these deaths. However, many Australians are voicing their concerns that there may not be a single reason for all of them. The nation’s citizens are becoming increasingly vocal about the need for government action to address this problem and avoid future fatalities.

“This is a very alarming situation,” one Australian told us. “My family and I are extremely concerned for our health and safety, and we urge the government to take necessary steps to protect us from something we know so little about.”

Many others echoed that sentiment. It’s unclear when exactly Australia will be able to address this issue thoroughly, but for now, the nation’s citizens are simply hoping that these events don’t continue. Officials are urging Australians to take precautions to protect their health as they continue investigating the cause of this alarming increase in deaths.

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