Revolutionising Australian Agriculture: CDPQ and CEFC Join Forces to Supercharge Farming and Catalyse Green Transformation

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Unleashing an agricultural revolution, CDPQ and CEFC unite to turbocharge farming and ignite an awe-inspiring green transformation in Australia.

Canada’s CDPQ has collaborated with Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to establish a novel A$200m (€183m) sustainable agricultural platform in Australia. This joint venture aims to reduce emissions and enhance sustainability within the agricultural sector.

Can CDPQ and CEFC’s Bold Stake in The Glen Ignite a Green Revolution in Australian Agriculture?

Under this initiative, CDPQ has invested A$150m in Wilga Farming, while CEFC has co-invested A$50m. This substantial investment drive will contribute to decarbonising Australian farming practices while bolstering farm production.

Gunn Agri Partners, a mid-market sustainable agriculture manager, will oversee the management of this platform.

Furthermore, CDPQ and CEFC have jointly acquired a minority stake in The Glen, a 1,200-hectare property near Delungra in New South Wales. This strategic acquisition facilitates active involvement in decarbonisation endeavours across Gunn Agri Partners’ portfolio, valued at approximately A$750m.

Heechung Sung, the Head of Natural Capital at CEFC, stated, “By facilitating the inflow of crucial capital into the sector, our collaboration with CDPQ supports farmers’ decarbonisation efforts, boosts production, and enables them to remain globally competitive.”

Is this Partnership the Key to a Sustainable Future for Australian Agriculture?

Emmanuel Jaclot, EVP and Head of Infrastructure at CDPQ, emphasised, “Through this partnership, which aligns with our sustainable land management strategy, we reaffirm our commitment to investing alongside organisations that genuinely drive sustainability in the agricultural sector by contributing to its decarbonisation.”

Bill Gunn, the Founding Chair of Gunn Agri Partners, highlighted the company’s investor-aligned approach, focusing on seizing timely opportunities and developing sustainable assets as fundamental management aspects.
Australia’s Federal Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Chris Bowen, expressed, “Agriculture accounts for over 15% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. By supporting initiatives like this, we invest in solutions that simultaneously increase farm productivity and profitability while reducing emissions.”

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