Business Boom: Australia’s Economy Sees Surge in Entrepreneurship

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Australia’s business landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, as newly released data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reveals that as of June 30, 2023, there are now 2,589,873 actively trading businesses in the country. 

The latest ABS figures reveal: “a dynamic Australian business scene with 406,365 new businesses entering the market at an impressive 15.8% rate, while 386,392 businesses exited, marking a 15% exit rate.”

Healthcare and social assistance surged by 10,721 businesses, while transport, postal, and warehousing saw an increase of 5,040 companies. The professional, scientific, and technical services sector expanded by 4,960 firms.

Conversely, the retail trade industry experienced the most significant net decrease, with 2,211 businesses exiting the sector, bringing the total down to 155,755.

Geographically, Queensland emerged as the frontrunner with the largest net increase in businesses, boasting an 11,031-business surge. In contrast, Victoria faced a decline, experiencing a decrease of 7,606 companies, making it the only state or territory to post such a drop.

The ABS data also reveals that financial corporations increased by 5.1% to 96,082 entities, while non-financial corporations rose by 3.3%, totalling 1,109,777. Households, the largest institutional sector, dipped by 1.4% to 1,381,741.

When examining legal organisations, total companies exhibited the most substantial growth, increasing by 42,246 businesses, while partnerships and sole proprietors experienced declines.

In terms of employment, non-employing businesses grew by 2.3%, with a significant shift from employing to non-employing businesses. Meanwhile, companies with 20-199 employees increased by 8.8%, and those with 200+ employees saw an 8% rise, while businesses with one to four employees decreased by 3.5%.

“A 1.5% increase in businesses during the June quarter, with construction services, professional, scientific, and technical services, and postal and courier pick-up and delivery services emerging as the top performers,” ABS reported.

Australia’s dynamic business landscape continues to evolve, reflecting resilience and adaptability in the face of economic challenges.


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