Australian Consumers Delve Into Social Media to Curate Brand Research

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Australians increasingly turn to social media for more than just keeping up with friends—they’re using it to research and discover brands.

According to a recent report, social media use in Australia is increasing. Users aged 16 to 64 spend an average of two hours and four minutes daily on social media. Zib Digital, a digital marketing agency in Sydney, notes that this increase in social media use reflects how people use it differently. 61.5% of users aged 16 to 64 now view social media as a primary source of information, a 5.9% increase from last year.

The report also shows that almost 30% of people who use the Internet search for information about brands and products on social media, and 25% have found out about new products and services through advertising on social media.

In Australia, 31.5% of advertising spending was on social media last year. Facebook and Messenger are still the most popular platforms, but Instagram and TikTok are gaining ground, particularly TikTok, which has seen a 26.5% rise in usage.

Zib Digital suggests that businesses must adapt to changes in consumer behaviour to stay competitive online. As more consumers rely on social media for brand research, companies must establish a solid online presence and interact with customers across social media platforms.

“It’s not enough to just have a presence online—you need to be engaging with your customers and creating useful content that resonates with them,” says Zib Digital CEO Chris Knights

“Social media is constantly evolving, so businesses must stay on top of the latest trends and adjust their strategy accordingly.”

In 2022, TikTok was Australia’s second most downloaded mobile app and was among the apps with the highest consumer spending. According to Zib Digital, marketers should prioritise social media as consumers spend more time exploring and learning about new products and brands on these platforms.

“Businesses need to be agile and willing to experiment with new ideas if they want to take advantage of the growth in social media use,” Knights advised. “By embracing modern technology and connecting with consumers on a more personal level, brands can effectively reach their target audience and increase engagement.”

Ultimately, as social media continues to evolve, so must the businesses relying on it.

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