Nearly 60% of Australian Employers Embrace Retiree Workforce to Bridge Gaps

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In a recent report, specialized recruiter Robert Half revealed that approximately 60% of Australian employers have welcomed retirees within the past 12 months to address workforce gaps. 

These seasoned professionals are valued for their unique skills and qualities, with 60% of employers citing their specialized expertise as a critical factor for hiring them. Additionally, their ability to make quick contributions (57%), possess strong business acumen (51%) and act as mentors to less experienced colleagues (49%) makes them valuable assets in various roles.

The report showcases a significant shift in hiring practices, with 47% of employers indicating their willingness to repeat the process of hiring retirees in the future. This growing openness toward older employees stands in contrast to previous signs of workplace ageism, where HR professionals have been reported to exclude individuals above 65 years old.

Addressing ageism in the workplace is gaining momentum, as the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) advocates for ageism awareness training in organizations serving older individuals. A study conducted by AHRC found that training sessions that included discussions on ageism caused 86% of participants to consider actions against ageist attitudes. Such initiatives demonstrate the potential for a transformative impact on attitudes and behaviours.

“We see it in all walks of life, whether in the workplace, aged care, medical settings, or the community broadly. Ageism affects us all. It hurts everyone and stops us from providing the meaningful contribution to society that we all know we’re capable of,” Patricia Sparrow, CEO of the Council on the Ageing (COTA) Australia, said in a media release. 

The report highlights ageism as one of the easiest prejudices to shift, as education and awareness play pivotal roles in changing perceptions. By addressing ageism through training and awareness, society can benefit from increased inclusivity, cohesion, and prosperity .]The trend of hiring retirees is growing among Australian employers, who recognize the value of their expertise, contribution abilities, business acumen, and mentoring skills. This shift signifies a positive development in overcoming ageism in workplaces. Advocacy for ageism awareness training further reinforces the potential for change and fosters more inclusive intergenerational relationships, creating a more cohesive society.

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