Australian Fashion Council Launches National Scheme to Transform Industry’s Sustainability

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The city’s vibrant fashion scene has been electrified as designers from across the country converge at Australian Fashion Week. Amidst this highly anticipated event’s glamour and commercial buzz, the fashion industry faces mounting pressure to revolutionise its practices and embrace sustainability.

A report by the Australian Fashion Council reveals that Australians buy 56 new clothing items annually, resulting in 200,000 tonnes of clothing in landfills. In response, the council has partnered with organisations like Charitable Recycling Australia and launched the National Clothing Product Stewardship Scheme to revolutionise the industry.

Collaboration Essential for Fundamental Industry Transformation

Leila Naja Hibri, chief executive of the Australian Fashion Council, emphasised the importance of collaboration in achieving industry-wide transformation.

“We aim to transform our industry fundamentally, and to do that, we need to collaborate,” Ms Naja Hibri said.

“No one can transform an industry into a circular economy by 2030 if we work on our own as silos of businesses, government, individuals, or consumers.”

With a $1 million grant from the federal government, this innovative scheme aims to transform the fashion industry through a circular economy, reusing garments and recycling fabrics to create new designs.

While the Australian Fashion Council calls for voluntary participation from fashion brands, it has also recommended introducing a 4% per garment levy soon to ensure sustainable practices are enforced. 

Amid these changes, it is worth noting that some mid to high-end fashion designers in Australia have already embraced sustainable business models. One such example is Sydney-based designer Bianca Spender, who has incorporated key sustainability objectives into her brand, focusing on fabric sustainability. 

“I love being creative, but it will only mean something if it is going to be sustainable,” Spender said.

With the launch of the National Clothing Product Stewardship Scheme and the call for collaboration and responsibility, the Australian fashion world has set its sights on a more sustainable future. 

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