Australians To Benefit From A $1.5 Billion Cash-Back Program, Offering Families Across The Country Relief For Their Day-To-Day Living Expenses

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To offer short-term relief from skyrocketing energy costs, the Australian federal government will provide households with a much-needed rebate.

On Friday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese convened a virtual meeting of the federal cabinet composed of premiers and chief ministers to discuss strategies for providing struggling households with temporary financial relief.

Australians will see a decrease in their electricity bills, providing much-needed financial relief. Each household will receive a different amount of aid depending on its location.

On Friday evening, Albanese addressed the press with a statement, “extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.”

“I’m pleased to announce that there was agreement at the national cabinet on the way forward to provide the energy price relief for households and businesses,” he added.

We are determined to provide some relief and take extraordinary measures to deal with these extraordinary times. The commonwealth will provide up to $1.5 billion to provide support for households and also small businesses. This will be paid through state governments by reducing people’s bills.”

Energy Costs Are Soaring To Unprecedented Heights

In light of the latest federal budget, electricity prices are forecasted to jump by 56% in the next two years and gas prices by 44%. These sharp increases will affect households significantly.

On Friday morning, Energy Minister Chris Bowen expressed his optimism that the heads of state would reach an agreement before the National Cabinet meeting.

“We’ve been looking at our respective powers and those of states – particularly those states with black coal production, which is NSW and Queensland – and talking to them about the most effective response,” said Bowen.

We won’t do anything to fuel inflation … so anything we do will seek to reduce the bills before they arrive at the letterbox of the consumers.

He proclaimed that this was the most significant advancement in Australia’s journey towards renewable energy.

He exclaimed that the contract would stimulate investment, creating jobs in a booming renewable energy industry.

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