Australia’s Mash Demonstrates The Importance Of Bootstrapping Your Business

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Very soon, venture capital will be full of Ghosts. It meshes well with the Halloween season and is quite frightening.

It has been well-documented that startups need help raising money in today’s market. VC funding is drying up, and early-stage companies are appealing to more unconventional sources of capital. Bootstrapping, or financing small businesses without outside help, is becoming more popular as companies struggle to demonstrate their value when asking for money from investors.

While most young startups aim for early investment, some have chosen to bootstrap their growth instead. Mash is a Melbourne-based platform for marketing, advertising, and creative freelancers. It is one of the best platforms in Australia for these professionals.CEO Tash Menon and her co-founders Sarah Churchlow and Amy Williams chose to bootstrap their company into profitability rather than seek early funding. 

The partners believe that decision has helped Mash to deliver strong growth since their start in 2018. Their client base now includes well-known global and regional brands, with revenue growth of over 200% yearly.

“Bootstrapping is not for everyone, but it has been a great way to test our business model and prove ourselves without heavy investor interference,” says Tash. “We have grown with the pace of our market and customer needs.”

Each company’s path to success will differ, regardless of whether they choose to bootstrap, venture funding, or combine the two. It is essential to find what works best for you and your business at any growth stage, especially regarding funding.

In Australia, businesses are increasingly choosing bootstrap as a sustainable way to grow their business. A recent study from KPMG found that 36% of Australian startups have bootstrapped at some point, and 27% report it is still part of their growth strategy.

“Bootstrapping gave us the flexibility to create the product in a way we wanted,” Tash continues. “We established trust with our customers and built our referral network before approaching investors. It’s in line with the Australian market, too.”

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