Bad Investment: The Fall of Francesca Packer’s Young Rich Lister Partner

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Wealthy investors, who invested millions of dollars into the wellness business owned by a Young Rich Lister dating James Packer’s niece, are now pushing for the return of their capital.

Robert Bates is best recognised as the significant other of Francesca Packer and is also an influential business figure. He currently serves as CEO of Aurum+ and Aquamamma, while his prior venture was founding 7 Trinity Biotech.

Aurum+ is an evidence-based solution for managing stress, anxiety and depression; conversely, Aquamamma offers a healthy hydration option specifically tailored to the needs of expectant mothers and nursing moms.

The Australian Financial Review’s renowned list of successful young business people lauds Mr Bates for his shrewdness and expertise; however, lately, he has been facing an onslaught of criticism from his loyal investors and customers.

Numerous ‘high net worth‘ investors are reportedly pursuing Mr Bates to get their money back, and his business websites have suddenly disappeared. On top of that, customers are voicing their dissatisfaction on social media platforms – a sign that something is amiss.

At Francesca’s Barbie-themed birthday party, Mr Bates was decked out as a cowboy – and since 2016, he has reportedly amassed an astounding $ 15 million from at least 15 different Australian investors for his Aurum+ business!

However, the stocks and shares in Mr Bates’ companies are not allocated to those who have invested their hard-earned money in his businesses but rather registered either under his name or other organisations he controls – as reported by the Australian Financial Review.

Investors now claim reimbursements ranging from $50,000 to a staggering $ 2 million.

Mr Bates has refunded three investors thus far; however, the remaining fifteen individuals in Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay and Singapore are desperately seeking answers from him about their lost funds.

Ben Murphy was affected, having invested $50,000 with Mr Bates in 2017. While we are always aware that investments come with a particular risk and might not turn out as expected – this case is different; no one knows what has become of their money.

“It’s been a very rough ride, and I’m still waiting for a resolution,” says Murphy.

It is a very uncomfortable and disheartening situation for Mr Bates and the investors; it has become apparent that he cannot return the capital, thus damaging his reputation.

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