Become Financially Independent: Syfe Launches in Australia with Focus on Long-Term Wealth Generation

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Syfe, a digital wealth management company, has recently started offering its services in Australia. Their goal is to help individuals achieve financial independence and create lasting wealth.

Syfe’s Chief Business Officer, Samantha Horton, was proud to announce that the company has recently launched in Australia to revolutionise how ordinary people manage and invest their money.

Due to existing market opportunities, the platform allows retail investors to trade over 10,000 US stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. However, the platform plans to offer access to Australian stocks and other investment products later this year.

With just $1, customers can commence trading fractional US shares and ETFs. Additionally, they can invest in cryptocurrencies for a minimum of $5.

“By the end of the year, we plan to follow up with ASX and, soon after that, introduce our managed wealth proposition to complete our Australian offering. Our goal is to create a holistic wealth platform and one-stop-shop for retail investors,” said Horton. 

The Syfe platform is designed to generate long-term wealth and educate users on investment best practices, including diversification and dollar-cost averaging.

According to Syfe’s research, 42% of Australian investors need more confidence in achieving their investment goals due to prevailing macroeconomic conditions such as inflation and increasing interest rates.

“It is crucial for market solutions to offer support for both confident and non-confident investors through educational resources and helpful tools to encourage better financial habits and successful investing behaviours,” Syfe’s general manager and country head, Tim Wallace, said.

“It is essential to provide educational resources to investors to lessen the obstacles they may encounter while investing in domestic or international markets, regardless of whether they are new or experienced investors.”

The Syfe platform offers various features and tools such as screening stocks and cryptocurrencies based on different metrics (gainers, losers, sectors, and themes), providing insights and recommendations from Wall Street analysts, curated news on assets that you follow, and watchlists to monitor asset movements.

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