Billionaire Pub Baron Justin Hemmes’ Girlfriend Out Shopping in Sydney’s Bondi

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Justin Hemmes’ girlfriend, model Madeline Holtznage, was spotted out and about in Sydney’s Bondi neighbourhood on Friday afternoon.

The Australian beauty, who is in a relationship with billionaire pub baron Justin Hemmes, appeared at Désordre Boutique and tried on some pieces during her visit.

Looking fashionable yet relaxed, the 26-year-old wore a contemporary outfit of white linen trousers and a formfitting black midriff T-shirt.

The gorgeous blonde styled her locks casually and complimented her ensemble with Prada sunglasses. Once she stepped inside the store, the fashionista opted for a vibrant pink suit from Cleonie Swim that showcased her slender figure perfectly.

After years of courtship, Madeline and Justin’s relationship is still strong; she even chose to stay in his luxurious Vaucluse mansion during the pandemic last year.

She currently resides in a luxurious Coogee penthouse that he owns. Where they were once quite discreet, the two are now some of Sydney’s most visible socialites.

Madeline Holtznage recently celebrated her publican beau’s 50th birthday, conveying her adoration for Justin in a heartfelt Instagram post.

On her Instagram, she flaunted nine images from their extraordinary travels worldwide – consisting of days soaking up the sun at beaches, taking private jets and camping in nature. In 2018, Justin appeared on Australia’s Financial Review Rich List with an astounding net worth of $951 million.

In 2020, his net worth ballooned to $ 1.2 billion, crowning him the 97th wealthiest individual in Australia.

However, last February, Madeline received a dire warning concerning her relationship. Agents reportedly told Madeline that she could miss out on vital opportunities in the modelling world because instead of focusing solely on her career, she prioritises her relationship. “It’s not as if Madeline is dating a Hemsworth,” one industry expert commented.

“Though her relationship with Justin could boost her fame, it won’t do much for furthering her career in fashion modelling. Instead, she may become more known as a celebrity model than anything else.”

A confidential source close to the couple divulged: “Everything is perfect right now, but that might change in time. She needs her modelling career as an emergency backup plan to care for herself financially when the relationship comes to its natural end.”

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