Breaking the Mold: Australians Lead the Way in Sustainable Dining Practices

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Sydney’s company provides stylish and long-lasting furniture crafted from recycled materials.

As Australians become increasingly aware of climate change, marine pollution, and other environmental issues, recycled plastic furniture is quickly gaining traction. Consumers and business owners alike are taking action to support these eco-friendly solutions for furnishing their homes or companies.

At the beginning of a slowly but surely growing trend stands DesignByThem, an industrial design company based in Sydney and helmed by two designers.

DesignByThem’s Confetti furniture is a modern twist on outdoor seating, taking its name from the confetti-like surface pattern of its plastic pieces. Not only are these pieces visually appealing and resistant to rain and wind due to their weatherproof construction, but they can also be used outdoors, making them perfect for restaurant owners who want stylish yet durable patio furnishings!

Years ago, Sarah Gibson felt captivated after encountering a pipe crafted from industrial waste. In her eyes, its mottled pattern made it truly beautiful and eventually inspired the creation of Confetti design.

“Being sustainable and doing something that helps our environment is of utmost importance to us,” Gibson says. “Our design philosophy combines comfort, style, and sustainability without compromising one element.”

The Confetti series exhibits an elegant grey base, with captivating highlights of vermilion, yellow, blue and light blue, and a sophisticated black and white.

Gibson was adamant that the recyclers solely utilise the readily available recycled plastic and maximise their time efficiency for maximum output. She remained committed to this directive despite having a formula for combining colours to create slabs with a confetti-like appearance.

Confetti stands out among the furniture industry because it is created with a mix of industrial and consumer waste recovered throughout Australia. Additionally, each piece is made locally, making them unique compared to other brands manufactured in Asia, where labour costs tend to be lower.

Confetti’s fortifying protection against ultraviolet radiation is another benefit of using plastic, as per Gibson.

Visit any cafe or restaurant in Australia, and you will see many of them with outdoor seating. Suppose you’re looking for a reliable, long-term solution to your exterior decorating needs. The Confetti series is ideal, designed to remain vibrant through even the harshest Australian UV rays.

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