Brush Up On The New Rules That Will Take Effect Come To New Year’s Day

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This New Year brings many benefits, such as discounts on child care and medicine, assistance for people wanting to downsize their homes, and an uplift in welfare payments.

Beginning on January 1, Centrelink payments for carers and students will be boosted in an indexation rise of over 6%. This means that recipients of the Youth Allowance rate can expect to receive at least $19 more per fortnight, while those receiving Austudy could see increases between $32.40 -$41.40.

Additionally, those under 21 dependent upon the Disability Support Pension will obtain an additional amount ranging from $27.40- 40.70 each fortnight.

“This New Year, we are proud to announce a maximum cost reduction on the PBS for medication from $42.50 down to an affordable price of just $30. The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has never seen such a decrease in general co-payment fees, which will make a considerable difference this year,” says a Pharmacy Guild of Australia representative.

As of January 1, individuals needing a free PCR test must secure an endorsement from their local healthcare provider. A select number of state or territory-operated COVID-19 testing and respiratory clinics will still offer complimentary PCRs without a referral; however, those deemed to be at low risk for catching this virus may not be permitted access to these services.

Also, starting from January 1, 180,000 free TAFE and VET educational programs will be available to Australians simultaneously funded by state and federal governments. A combined amount of nearly half a billion dollars ($493m) has been allocated for this purpose.

In 2023, the federal government will invest a whopping $485.5 million to provide thousands of lucky university-goers with Commonwealth-supported places–a considerable financial benefit.

Australians on welfare payments will be offered an opportunity to downsize confidently. Services Australia has announced that those who choose to sell their home and use the profits for a new residence only need to declare any remaining proceeds – allowing them peace of mind as they move forward. So if you’re looking to take advantage of these changes, get started now.

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