Building Ladies Finance Club Into A National Network: How Molly Benjamin Did It

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Molly Benjamin is the founder of Ladies Finance Club, an in-person and online platform that connects women — and their finances.

Molly provides advice from her community about saving money and the barriers preventing women from investing. She also aims to build community through Ladies Finance Club by hosting meetups and workshops.

“My goal is to take that message nationally,” Molly says. “I want to help women all over the country become financially independent.”

Molly started Ladies Finance Club after noticing that women in her community were hesitant to speak up about their finances — even those who were savvy investors. She saw an opportunity to connect the women and empower them with financial literacy education and support.

Since founding Ladies Finance Club 4 years ago, Molly and her team have grown the platform to include an online forum and events in multiple cities. They’ve also partnered with leading financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and Bank of America to provide resources for their members.

“I believe that women can break down the barriers to financial independence,” Molly says. “It’s my mission to help them do just that.”

Molly is the proudest of the community built through the Ladies Finance Club. She believes that women often come to the platform feeling alone and unsure of what steps to take regarding finances. But through Ladies Finance Club, they can connect with other women who share their challenges and successes — and ultimately feel more confident about their financial futures.

“Our community is what drives me every day,” Molly says. “I know I’m making a difference in women’s lives.”

When asked how she grew Ladies Finance Club into the national network it is today, Molly emphasised the importance of making connections. She believes having a solid network and support system is essential no matter what you want to achieve or build.

“If you’re starting a business, it’s not just about the idea — you need people around to help you,” Molly says. “Our community is what gets us through the hard times.”

Molly Benjamin’s story inspires all women to build something of their own. Through Ladies Finance Club, she has connected women across the country and helped them to take control of their finances. And she shows us that anyone can achieve the unimaginable if they’re willing to work hard and build connections.

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