Business Community Launches Massive Ad Campaign to Oppose Labor’s Industrial Relations Changes

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Multiple business groups have united for a groundbreaking advertising campaign against the government’s industrial relations changes. This marks the first time such diverse organisations have joined forces on this issue.

Led by prominent business organisations such as the Minerals Council, the Business Council, the Australian Industry Group, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the National Farmers Federation, and the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia, this coalition represents a unique collaboration among various sectors.

Minerals Council CEO Tania Constable voiced the resolve of the business community, emphasising their campaign would continue until the government heeded their concerns. She criticised the government’s previous dismissal of business input and urged a shift in their approach.

“So far, they haven’t,” Constable said. “They didn’t listen last year. They certainly aren’t listening at the moment. They are just bulldosing their way through because they think they can.”

The advertising campaign coincided with implementing the government’s workplace changes, including multi-employer bargaining, on June 6. Additionally, the Reserve Bank is anticipated to announce a potential interest rate hike in light of inflation figures and the Fair Work Commission’s decision to raise wages for over 2 million workers by 5.75%.

Labor’s proposed “same job, same pay” changes, targeted by the ad campaign, are criticised by business leaders for hampering economic growth and productivity in Australia. They argue these changes go beyond gender equity and restrict individual effort and experience acknowledgment.

Constable highlighted broader concerns raised by the proposed changes, including labour hire, service contractors, subcontracting, and related entities. 

“If you think there’s a problem, explain it, and we will work with you to address that,” Constable warned the government.

With this joint stand, the business community aims to ensure their voices are heard and that the government recognises the åpotentially detrimental effects of its proposed industrial relations changes.

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