Can Drake Be the Key Witness in a High-Stakes Australian Casino Case?

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Hip-hop superstar Drake may be the key witness in an Australian casino case involving millions of dollars in the alleged fraud.

Australian Casino Case

Drake, the celebrated hip-hop star, and members of Everton Football Club may be requested to testify in an astounding court case against the adolescents from Australia who created the cryptocurrency casino

As the chief ambassador for the Melbourne-situated online casino, Drake has been instrumental in its success since its inception in 2018 by business partners Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani. Thanks to his leadership, this venture is now regarded as one of the world’s most successful online casinos.

In a startling disclosure earlier this year, Craven and Tehrani were served with a $US500 million ($716 million) lawsuit in New York Courts courtesy of Christopher Freeman. He alleges that he was once their business partner involved in the development of Primedice, an online casino site established by them before they inaugurated, but got excluded when they set up shop here in Australia.

“If Freeman’s allegations are true, then Drake could be a key witness in the case,” says Melbourne-based lawyer and business commentator John Brown. “As an ambassador of, he is likely to have knowledge which could prove invaluable in determining whether or not there was any fraudulent activity involved.”

Australia’s Youngest self-made Billionaire

After an extensive investigation conducted by this masthead in 2021 revealed Craven and Tehrani to be the founders, Freeman filed his claim.

As a result of the media inquiry, The Australian Financial Review’s annual Young Rich List crowned 27-year-old Craven as Australia’s youngest self-made billionaire yet! (Though Tehrani is 29 years old and a US citizen, so he was excluded from the list, it is estimated that he has amassed over one billion dollars.)

After he made a fortune, Craven, who is from Coffs Harbour, recently set Melbourne’s house price record in 2022 with his purchase of a luxurious Toorak home for $80 million and followed it up by buying another property in the same neighbourhood worth $38.5 million.

Drake is requested to testify in this case as one of the key witnesses due to his integral role in Stake’s success. This could be a pivotal moment for Australian courts since many of the allegations made by Freeman concern activities that took place outside Australia and are not typically within the jurisdiction of local courts.

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