Chinese Trade Restrictions Put Australia In The Firing Line

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Australian security think tank report declared that between 2020 and 2022, China had unleashed threats and economic sanctions against 19 countries—with Australia enduring the most practised form of “coercive diplomacy”.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute audit revealed that while China’s approach had achieved limited success in altering the policies of other governments, it was not victorious against Australia – instead highlighting its resoluteness.

Despite determined resistance from many governments, some have chosen to yield. It’s evident that these strategies are causing harm to specific businesses, infringing on sovereign decision-making and adversely impacting economic security,” the report said.

According to a report issued by the institute, 73 repressive Chinese government moves were documented between 2020 and 2022. Of these coercive actions, 21 targeted Australia, 11 Lithuania and 8 Taiwan—moreover, 40% of the punishments involved trade restrictions. Of the total cases, Europe was subject to the highest number of actions taken, with 35 or 47%.

“These strategies are a testament to the Chinese government’s misappropriation of international trading power, in addition to its utilisation of state-controlled media and ‘wolf-warrior diplomacy’, which have only further advanced their oppressive agenda,” it said.

China’s embassy in Australia was asked for a statement on the ASPI report but received no response.

Since their election in May, the Albanese government has endeavoured to normalise ties with China and declared that they are eager to reinitiate exports that were obstructed by Chinese “trade blockages” during an extended diplomatic conflict. Despite the global shifts, Australia has held firm on its policy towards China.

On Tuesday, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared that the nation’s foreign interference laws brought into effect in 2018 were designed to expose China’s activities but have unfortunately been ineffective.

In a groundbreaking speech, Australia’s spy chief revealed that the country faces excellent foreign interference.

Mike Burgess, the Director General of Security for Australia’s Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), sharply criticised those in business, academia and government who had urged his agency to “go easy” on foreign regimes not to upset them.

On Wednesday, Albanese proclaimed that his government wholeheartedly backed ASIO in all their endeavours.


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