Coinbase Officially Made Its Debut In Australia

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The crypto platform hailing from the four corners of the globe, Coinbase, has now come to bless Australian virtual soil. Whether a novice or an experienced fortune hunter, you can be sure that this exchange will fulfil all your needs.

Australians can quickly and easily create an account with us to take advantage of a plethora of services, including streamlined storage, simple trading, sophisticated market pairing, rewards; incentives, plus access for commission-free USDC trading.

Coinbase has made it effortless for you to access many cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin and Dogecoin to Ethereum. As one of the original platforms that provide easy, secure transactions, Coinbase allows you to buy, sell, trade, and store crypto quickly. Their user-friendly design ensures an easy understanding of your earnings while participating in the digital currency revolution.

Here are some standout features offered by this platform:

Retail Advanced Trade(RAT)

Unlock your potential trader and take the following steps to success with Retail Advanced Trade. This service provides access to essential features, including Borrow, Card, app Wallet, and more, while offering advanced tools such as real-time market data, interactive charts, and international currency comparisons – all in one convenient place.

Rewarding Education

Coinbase users are rewarded with cryptocurrencies for a variety of reasons. Not only can you receive crypto simply by learning the trade basics through Coinbase Learning Rewards, but more rewards await if you choose to stake some of your holdings and hold dollar-pegged stablecoins in your account. It’s an easy way to enhance network security while earning additional returns on top.

The USDC (US Dollar Coin)

In 2018, Coinbase established the Centre Consortium to create a reliable digital dollar known as USDC. This fiat-backed stablecoin has become increasingly popular in the United States for its security and quickness when sending value from one person to another; therefore, Coinbase is now waiving commission fees for customers who purchase or sell USDC with any fiat currency.

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