Convergint Expands into Australian AV Market with Peace of Mind Technology Acquisition

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Can a global systems integration leader reshape Australia’s audio-visual landscape? Convergint’s audacious move into the Australian AV market through the strategic acquisition of Peace of Mind Technology promises transformative solutions and innovative services.

Convergint, a prominent global service-based systems integration leader, has unveiled plans to acquire Peace of Mind Technology (POMT), a Sydney-based provider specialising in audio-visual, workspace, and communications technology solutions. The strategic acquisition will mark Convergint’s entrance into Australia’s competitive audio-visual (AV) market, further expanding its service capabilities and vertical expertise.

Convergint’s push into the Australian AV landscape comes in response to the soaring global demand for advanced, seamlessly integrated audio-visual solutions. This strategic move is anticipated to redefine Convergint’s presence in the Asia-Pacific region while positioning the company as a premier partner for a comprehensive range of security, audio, video, and unified communication solutions.

Convergint’s CEO for APAC, Tony Wang, stated, “POMT’s dedication to delivering excellent service aligns perfectly with Convergint’s commitment to always being our customers’ best service provider—and its cutting-edge solutions help to significantly strengthen our presence and vertical expertise across Australia and APAC.”

POMT’s Innovative Solutions Meet Converging’s Vision

Peace of Mind Technology, founded in 1996, has a strong reputation for its innovative approach to audio-visual and workspace design, strategy, and technology solutions. With a focus on creating seamless and unparalleled experiences for modern workplaces, POMT’s solutions merge property, facilities, and information communications technology, catering to a growing demand for scalable, user-friendly, and fully integrated AV solutions.

Jason Levine, Founder and CEO of POMT, expressed, “By joining forces with Convergint, we look forward to greatly expanding our combined reach both locally and across the APAC region. Integrating security, AV, and workplace technologies will create even more value for our clients—united with our shared commitment to delivering outstanding service and results.”

A Natural Progression: Meeting Rising Demand

The Peace of Mind Technology acquisition follows Convergint’s strategic move in 2021—acquiring Seal Telecom and signalling its intent to solidify a global AV offering. Dean Monaghan, Managing Director for Oceania at Convergint, views the acquisition as a natural progression in response to the growing demand for comprehensive audio-visual solutions.

Dean Monaghan commented, “As demand for audio-visual solutions from Convergint continues to grow, this is a natural next step in expanding our capabilities to meet customers’ needs.”

A Milestone in Building Global AV Excellence

Denis Pozigun, Executive Director of Global AV at Convergint, underscored the acquisition’s significance in the company’s pursuit of becoming an industry-leading audio-visual service provider. Convergint aims to foster dynamic partnerships prioritising service, culture, and value.

Denis Pozigun stated, “This acquisition marks a significant milestone in Convergint’s ongoing commitment to building a fully global and industry-leading audio-visual service offering. We will continue to expand our AV expertise worldwide—aligning with organisations that share our dedication to service and maintaining a dynamic culture.”

A Promising Partnership

Convergint’s foray into the Australian AV market alongside the experienced Peace of Mind Technology team paints a promising picture for the future. With the amalgamation of expertise, commitment to service, and the integration of innovative technologies, this partnership is poised to redefine the audio-visual landscape in Australia and the APAC region.

As the global demand for advanced AV solutions continues to grow, Convergint’s expansion into Australia is a testament to the company’s strategic foresight and commitment to delivering outstanding service, innovation, and results.

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