CountPlus, an Australian Company, Proudly Announces the Appointment of a New Group Chief Risk Officer

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CountPlus, Australia’s leading network of accounting and advisory firms, has just appointed Lisa Chambers as its new group chief risk officer. 

This appointment is a testament to her outstanding qualifications and expertise within the industry.

Chambers plans to embark on his new role as a senior leader in the financial services sector on March 27th, 2023. Given the many entities she has served throughout her career, her extensive experience and expertise make her a prime candidate for the position. 

The financial sector is a complex and ever-evolving industry that demands a leader with a deep understanding of the inner workings of economic systems, and Chambers is more than capable of meeting this challenge. Her new role is expected to be demanding and fulfilling, and Chambers is poised to bring her wealth of knowledge and skills to bear in her new position.

She most recently held the coveted position of General Manager at Australian Executor Trustees (AET), overseeing an astounding $6.9 billion in funds under management.

While at AET, Chambers led the team that successfully divested the business from Insignia to Equity Trustees in 2022 for 135 million dollars. With such extensive expertise and knowledge, Chambers is well-positioned to be CountPlus’ new Group Chief Risk Officer.

Before then, Chambers held several high-ranking executive roles in some renowned companies like National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Colonial First State, and BT.

CountPlus CEO Hugh Humphrey said: “Lisa has a deep understanding of the advisory profession, which is vitally important given the magnitude of work we’re doing to deliver for our Member firms and their clients.

In May 2019, CountPlus brought on Humphrey as CEO, while Laurent Toussaint accepted the Chief Financial and Operating Officer role. With these powerful appointments comes increased potential for success within the organisation.

Chambers said: “CountPlus is an outstanding business that with a culture built around its clients. I’m looking forward to this new challenge and working with a leadership team focused on delivering positive financial outcomes for more Australians.”

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