Cruise Giant Carnival Australia Dives Deep into Draft NZ Tourism Action Plan, Ruffling Feathers

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With their audacious foray into the Draft NZ Tourism Action Plan, Carnival Australia, the cruise industry behemoth, fearlessly navigates uncharted waters, leaving a trail of controversy and stirred emotions.

New Zealand has initiated an ambitious endeavour that entails a fundamental transformation in the realm of tourism and the environment within the country.

Revitalising Tourism, Regenerating the World: Draft Plan Paves the Way for a Greener Future

In its draft form, the Tourism Environment Action Plan catalyses initiating dialogue concerning the potential positive influence of tourism on the natural environment, which plays a pivotal role in establishing a regenerative tourism paradigm that leaves communities and ecosystems in a better state than previously.

The plan acknowledges that tourism can drive the comprehensive revitalisation of our way of life, fostering a regenerative ethos throughout our economy.

Marguerite Fitzgerald, President of Carnival Australia and P&O Cruises Australia, expressed her privilege in collaborating with the Leadership Group to craft this preliminary blueprint.

“Our steadfast commitment to contributing more than we extract lies at the core of our destination management philosophy,” stated Ms Fitzgerald.

“Aligning with like-minded enterprises to develop a plan for achieving this objective has proven to be an empowering experience.”

Leadership Group Sets Sail on an Unconventional Journey

Laurissa Cooney, co-chair of the Tourism Environment Leadership Group, emphasised the group’s desire to incorporate various perspectives. Comprising representatives from multiple sectors, including industry, government, Māori, and unions, the Leadership Group has spearheaded the creation of this draft action plan.

“We consider this plan provisional, as we are advocating for a radical departure from the conventional approach to tourism and environmental stewardship in New Zealand. Therefore, a comprehensive and rigorous discussion is crucial before finalising our decisions.

“We must gather insights from individuals with diverse viewpoints, interests, and geographic locations within Aotearoa. We aim to understand their perspectives on how tourism can contribute to local environmental restoration and its broader global ramifications. Additionally, we seek to ascertain which proposed actions align with their priorities and identify any overlooked critical aspects.”

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