Cyber Attacks On ATO Reach Alarming Levels With Over Three Million A Month

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The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has revealed that it faces 3 million attempted cyber hacks monthly. That’s a lot of people trying to get into your business! 

3 Million Cyber attacks a month? Yikes! That means approximately 27 thousand hacking attempts are being made every hour on the ATO! It’s no wonder they’re feeling overwhelmed. Thankfully, they’re taking steps to try and mitigate the problem.

One way they’re planning on doing this is by giving individuals a package of data that can be shared with tax representatives- like your accountant or financial advisor. This would include a ‘personal identifier’ which organisations could use to verify the identity of individuals.

IT security expert, Troy Hunt, said this was a ‘sensible’ idea, as it would help reduce the number of cyber attacks on the ATO. However, he added that many challenges, such as authentication and verification processes, still needed to be addressed.

“What we’re ultimately looking at here is a shift in how we handle online identity,” said Hunt. “It’s not just about protecting the ATO, but protecting individuals and their personal information.”

Unfortunately, cyber-attacks on all businesses are becoming increasingly common as hackers become more advanced in their tactics. Individuals and organisations must protect themselves by implementing strong security measures, such as unique and complex passwords, and regularly updating software.

A spokesperson for the Australian Taxation Office said that while they’re working hard to improve their cybersecurity defences, the proposed data-sharing system would be ‘another layer of protection for taxpayers.

“We are committed to protecting the information and data of all Australians and will continue to work with industry and government to ensure we are at the forefront of cyber security.”

So while the number of cyber attacks on the ATO may be alarming, it’s reassuring to know that they’re taking steps to combat this issue and protect our personal information. But it’s also essential to stay vigilant and ensure we’re doing our part in protecting ourselves online.


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