Deloitte Has Recruited Another 50 Strong Team Members To Its Insurance Technology Consulting Practice

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Deloitte has recruited a 50-person team of 4Impact experts in Brisbane to expand its insurance consultancy service.

The new group, headed by John Ryan (who previously served as the CEO of 4Impact), includes experts and consultants with a track record in technology transformation who are interested in the Guidewire platform.

Guidewire is a cloud-based technology platform that specialises in aiding the insurance sector. The Company offers platforms such as InsuranceSuite and InsuranceNow to help insurers automate their operations and digitise product development, policy management, finance, customer relationships and claims management.

“This move is in response to the strong interest we are seeing from our clients in pursuing digital transformation,” said Cameron Birnie, CEO of Deloitte’s Consulting arm in Australia.

“The Guidewire platform is a key enabler of this change, and we are delighted to have John and his team join us to bolster our ability to help our clients on their transformation journeys,” he added.


Deloitte now has more than 200 insurance consultants across Australia, New  Zealand and Asia-Pacific, helping insurers with their digital transformations.

“The recruitment of this team is part of our ongoing commitment to invest in our insurance practice and deepen our Guidewire expertise,” said Damian Tampling, Head of Insurance for Deloitte in Australia.

“We see immense opportunity for Guidewire in the Asia-Pacific region, and our goal is to be the go-to consultancy for insurers looking to adopt this platform and reap the benefits of digital transformation,” Tampling continued.

Deloitte is a global Premier Alliance Partner of Guidewire and will become the “largest licensed specialist player in the region,” as Berin Wallace, leader of the firm’s Insurance practice, says.

“The addition of this highly specialised staff will further contribute to our excellent presence in the Australian market and global presence.”

For the incoming team, the move to global professional services firm and its award-winning Australian insurance consulting practice will allow them to expedite their goal of becoming “the region’s leading player.”

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