Digital Transformation Revolutionizes Ophthalmology in Australia

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The digital transformation of ophthalmology in Australian eye clinics is revolutionizing the field, resulting in happier staff, increased efficiency, and improved patient experiences. Patients now expect refractive outcomes tailored to their lifestyles, driving the need for advanced digital solutions.

Traditional manual processes, such as collating data from print-outs and USB sticks, must efficiently meet patient demands. To address this, clinics are adopting innovative platforms like ZEISS EQ Workplace, developed by ZEISS, for cataract surgery planning.

Dr Peter Sumich, a Sydney ophthalmologist, has embraced digital workflows by utilizing ZEISS EQ Workplace. This platform allows him to access essential data, including biometry, scans, and calculations, on a single display, reducing the need for manual data entry. The streamlined process enables integrated decisions about refractive targets, lens choices, and laser strategies.

“EQ Workplace allows me to present patients with many options on how this can be achieved. At one sitting, we’re able to discuss all options, and they leave with a good idea of what’s going to be done,” said Sumich.

The digitalization of workflows benefits clinicians and saves significant staff time. Automation eliminates the risk of errors, while cloud storage enables access to surgical plans from various locations, including the operating theatre. With instant access to patient data, clinicians can focus on discussing treatment options and involving patients in decision-making, leading to better understanding and improved outcomes.

ZEISS, a leader in ophthalmology’s digital transformation, facilitates this change through integrated workflows, comprehensive data management solutions, and connected devices. By connecting devices, data, and applications, ZEISS optimizes the clinical management of patients at every stage of the ophthalmic workflow.

Digital technologies offer benefits beyond cataract treatment, with advances in data management and analysis transforming the entire field. Incorporating tools like artificial intelligence (AI) enables better patient management and interpretation of nuanced variables. Aggregating data on a single platform allows for collective learning and improved outcomes.

Australia and New Zealand are witnessing the introduction of innovative solutions, such as the ZEISS Eyeguide Patient App, which supports patients throughout their treatment journey, reducing counselling time and enhancing compliance. ZEISS is also developing the Surgery Optimizer App, utilizing AI in surgical videos to track performance and standardize techniques.

In the next 24 months, the adoption of digital technologies among ophthalmologists in Australia and New Zealand is expected to accelerate. The digital transformation of ophthalmology can revolutionize the field and enhance patient care.

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