Does Kim K Outshine Tammy Hembrow in the “Extra” Department?

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Tammy Hembrow has become one of Australia’s most successful influencers, yet her recent “over-the-top” photo shoot elicited mixed reactions from fans.

Tammy Hembrow, a renowned Gold Coast influencer, has unveiled her new fitness app campaign- and it is sizzling! While some may deem the photo shoot as “over-the-top,” she will surely capture everyone’s attention with this daring endeavour.

When TammyFit shot their ultra-glossy campaign, many of her fans couldn’t help but compare it to Kim Kardashian’s notorious ‘break the internet’ cover shoot for Paper magazine in 2014 – where she famously balanced a tray of oysters on one raised heel.

“Not only is there a new challenge starting in Jan @tammyhembrowfitness, but we also have soo many new recipes coming to the app, including my FAVE oyster mignonette,” she added a witty caption to an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip she shared on social media.

“This is better than the Kim K champagne shoot,” one follower commented, with another confirming it was “giving Kim K vibes.”

“Tammy wins! over Kim K’s champagne butt,” wrote a third.

“Photo shoot a bit over the top, but you’re my fave fitness and mum influencer,” one fan commented, while a chef and food photographer called the shoot “unnecessarily extra”.

Hembrow – a devoted mother of three and Instagram star with an astounding following of 16 million followers– has accumulated an estimated net worth of $38 million.

This September, she graced the digital cover of Forbes Australia and was applauded as “undeniably one of Australia’s most prominent creators”.

Hembrow told the publication, “I’ve been ambitious since I was a young kid. It’s not in my nature to take orders from someone else – I wanted to be my own boss and make something of myself.”

Hembrow placed higher than Tones & I’s staggering $35 million fortune on the prestigious Australian Financial Review Young Rich List last year, ranking as one of only ten influencers.

When she found out she was expecting, Hembrow decided to take a leap of faith and drop out of her Bachelor’s in Business at Bond University. At the same time, social media began its rise as an emerging platform – so it only seemed natural for Hembrow to embrace this newfound world.

She recalled to AFR’s How I Made It podcast that this was a huge surprise, as she just began using social media – which wasn’t as developed and widespread back then.

She started posting snippets of her life, but when she got pregnant, everything changed drastically. Those close to her said it had “ruined” her life; however, she refused to accept this and decided to prove them wrong by demonstrating the complete opposite!

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