Don’t Fall Prey to False Promises: ACCC on Recruitment Scams

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The ACCC is warning jobseekers to be vigilant of scammers, with Scamwatch data showing Australians lost an astounding $8.7 million in recruitment scams this past year.

The ACCC’s Scamwatch site is your go-to resource for recognising, evading, and reporting scams. With this platform, consumers and small business owners can stay informed on protecting themselves from becoming fraud victims!

The website emphatically recommends that Australian jobseekers guard their private information when searching for employment and be aware of potential job opportunities shared on social media channels or messaging applications like Whatsapp.

Individuals aged 25-44 have suffered the most significant financial losses due to recruitment scams, a particularly pervasive threat for young people.

“As thousands of young Australians complete their schooling, eager to take the first steps towards a promising future and start job-seeking in the coming year, they are being targeted by cunning scammers,” Delia Rickard, the Deputy Chair of ACCC, declared.

“When job hunting, beware of offers that promise large financial rewards for minimal effort. This may be by repeatedly clicking a button on websites or apps to purchase products and write reviews – these are almost always scams.”

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch noted an alarming 3,194 reports of job scams in the past year. 

Sadly, victims were tricked by false claims that they could make money rapidly and efficiently. These con artists pretended to hire people for renowned companies or shopping platforms, imitating well-known employment agencies before requesting payment for a guaranteed income.

“As we transition into the new year, our worries that recruitment scams will skyrocket grow ever more real, for during the final months of 2022, there was an observable and remarkable rise in reports and losses related to such frauds,” Rickard said.

The ACCC has some tips for jobseekers to help identify recruitment scams:

  • Always be cautious of job offers that guarantee significant returns without requiring any effort.
  • Do not pay upfront to participate in any program or apply for a job.
  • Ask the company to call you before submitting your personal information.
  • Be aware of job offers through social media or messaging applications like Whatsapp.
  • Contact the company directly to confirm if the job offer is legitimate.
  • Feel free to cross-reference the employer with other sources.

The ACCC is committed to helping Australians stay safe from recruitment scams, so take advantage of their free advice and resources before giving away personal or financial information.

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