Don’t Miss Out – Millions of Aussies To Benefit From Expanded Centrelink Benefits 

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Over 4.7 million Australians will receive increased welfare payments this week to keep up with rising inflation. 

Single disability pensioners and carers can expect a $37.50 fortnightly boost, while couples will also receive an additional $56.40 per two weeks. 

On March 20th, the maximum JobSeeker allowance for singles without children will rise to $701.90 per fortnight, an extra 24 bucks; couples will receive a cash boost of up to $639.10; single parents receiving the parenting payment can expect even larger payouts – a hefty sum of up to $967.90 in just two weeks.

These payments are part of a twice-yearly indexation system and have been driven higher by the rising cost of living. 

However, the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) demands a significant rise to the JobSeeker payment as it currently remains 57 per cent below minimum wage, 34 per cent lower than pension payments, and way below the poverty line.

Edwina MacDonald, Co-deputy CEO of ACOSS, has noted that people on JobSeeker and related payments cannot afford to eat enough, get essential medication or healthcare, and often go into debt to pay their energy bills. She calls for the government to significantly grow JobSeeker and related payments to align with pension payments.

The government’s commitment to assisting vulnerable Australians is reflected in this cash boost. Minister of Social Services Amanda Rishworth highlighted the importance of indexation in our social security system: “We want more money in the hands of everyday Australians to be financially secure. 

This increase is an integral part of the structure, which assists those struggling most.”

However, despite this welcome increase in welfare payments, it is still insufficient to meet the cost of living in a country with rising inflation. The Reserve Bank of Australia is committed to lowering inflation and helping businesses – as gross business operating profits surged by 16 per cent during 2022 – but not at the expense of Australians in need.

The government must take action to significantly grow JobSeeker and related payments to be on par with pension payments. This is the only way to ensure those struggling most stay within the poverty line.

It is now up to the government to ensure the vulnerable are not left behind in this country’s economic recovery.

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